Limited Edition Mommy & Me Mini Sessions 2017 | Culpeper, VA Photographer

Moms!  This one is for you!

Ya'll I'm soooo exited to be offering something completely different for spring/summer mini portrait sessions this year.  I'm a little late posting them as I've been working on so many amazing things for you and this is the first of them.  This spring/summer, I will be offering limited edition Mommy and Me Mini Sessions.  My first set, just before Mother's Day, sold out to my VIP group in 5 hours!  Say what?!  I decided to open one more date for those that were still wanting them.  After these are booked, they will be gone until at least next year.

As a Mom, I know we are always the one behind the camera and rarely get those precious photographic memories with our children.   We don't want to look back years later and regret not having them.  I know I do.  These are so special because not only will you get the same beautiful portraits you expect from CWP, but they will be of just you and your babies. I will be taking video of your children telling you how much they love you.  Each session will come with a beautiful keepsake slideshow and prints!  What!?  Yes, I said prints.  No more worrying about, or forgetting to, order them.  You will leave this session with amazing memories to look back on.  Here is just a little sample video for you:

So, now that you are completely in love, lets talk the details.

culpeper va mommy and me limited edition sessions

Ready to reserve yours now?  Please complete the form below.  I will reach back out via email for time and deposit details.  Please note, our backup rain date will be June 11th.

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Invoice will be sent upon confirmation from Cindy. If you have older children, or night owls, please select a later time slot so those with little ones can reserve the earlier times.

Payment must be made in full to reserve your session.  Invoices will be available for 24 hours and then canceled to move to the next person in line.