Mom-Tography Workshop | Culpeper, VA Photographer

When my son was first born, all I wanted to do was take pictures of him.  And lets face it.....they were not the best.  I didn't have a smart phone yet (I believe it was one of the pink flip Razor phones) but I did have my little point and shoot.  I tried my best but really didn't understand the basics of getting a really good picture of my son.  Most were out of focus, horrible lighting, you name it.  My favorites still needed some help.  Exhibit A:


When my second son was born, I decided I would buy a fancy DSLR camera.  You know one of those $600 ones from Best Buy?  I thought THAT would help me take better pictures.  I could put that bad boy in auto and go to town.  Well...I learned quickly that those images didn't look any better than the ones I took with my $100 point and shoot.  Why?  

Exhibit B:


This camera had a lens that came off, I had a big zoom lens they up sold me for $200 extra bucks, all these fancy buttons, and had tons of mega pixels (I had no idea what that meant but it had to be good right?).  So why did they still not look the greatest?

I found that until I truly learned how to use my camera's settings and how to shoot in manual, it was no better than my little point and shoot (or now a days that little camera you carry around inside your phone).  I was so overwhelmed.  There was so much to learn.  I thought this fancy pants camera would do all this work for me and spit out awesome pictures like the commercials say right?  I spent HOURS and HOURS researching online, buying classes, watching YouTube and more soda cans were models than I care to admit. I learned about ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, lighting, angles, the list goes on and on.  I did this in my free time until I figured it all out by myself.  I wish I had an easier way to learn with friends!  

After being a professional photographer now for 6+ years, and hearing so many Moms talk about how they didn't know how to use their "nice cameras" the idea of the Mom-Tography Workshop was born.  What a great way to meet with local Moms, get the experience from a professional photographer (and mother to 5 kids) and learn how to take better pictures of your kids at the same time.  My very first class will be small (no more than 10 Moms) and held at my home/studio in Culpeper, VA on September 10, 2017 from 2-5pm.  Here are the details:

Ready to sign up and join me?  Spots are limited so get your spot today!!