The CWP Experience

Let's face it, choosing a photographer can be a daunting task.  You will find a zillion (yes I said it) photographers from all backgrounds. Some that photograph 100s of clients a year, some who only photograph a few, some who are just starting out, some with a formal education, some have a formal look to their work, while others more casual.  If you are here, you are looking to document some season of life.  My hope, is that your search stops here as you find the CWP Experience different than any other around.  

My goal is simple.  I want to make this easy for you.  Getting your portraits taken shouldn't be a stressful event.  It should be fun experience!  Plus, these are memories you will want to enjoy for years to come.

So what do you want to do with your portraits?

Have you even thought that far?  Many are taken back when I ask this question, but it will always be one of the very first things you hear me ask.  The reason is that when hiring  a professional photographer, you should always have a goal in mind (that goes beyond sharing on social media).  Yes, getting all those comments of how amazingly gorgeous your family is can be fun to hear, but is that really your goal?  No, of course not!  Your goal is to remember a special time in your life.  It might be a new baby on the way, baby's 1st birthday, or remembering your children and family as they are today.  How do you want to remember that?  For most, it is with something you can enjoy every day (like wall art) and/or a beautiful heirloom album you can look back on when you are old and gray!  Right!?  Now are you more stressed out?  Don't be.  I've made this a very easy and simple process that you will take the stress out of it completely.

The Consultation: 

Ever see portrait sessions that look so put together?  That didn't happen by chance.  That was all planning!  The consultation is such an important part of the process to make sure everyone is on the same page from start to finish.  It covers everything from clothing, locations, and your overall goals from the session.  We answer the "So what do you want to do with your portraits?" question while determining the best way to display your final portraits.  Don't worry, sometimes the vision can change after you see your final images but it does give us some goals to start with.

The Portrait Session:

The session is where we put our plan into action and we begin creating those beautiful display pieces.  This should be a fun and relaxed experience since we did the "heavy lifting" in our consultation.  

Newborn sessions take place in my relaxed and cozy home studio which is located about five minutes off route 29 on the south side of Culpeper.  

Child and family sessions can take place anywhere you like!  I have some recommendations on locations or I'm open to your ideas as well.  Remember this is about your vision.  As a Mom to five kids, I know we need to work quickly and carefully but we always have fun while getting those special moments!  Tell Dad he can relax, it won't be that bad.  I promise! 

The REveal and Ordering Appointment: 

Yea!  This is the fun part.  About 2 weeks after your portrait session we will get back together to view your images.  You will sit back, enjoy some cookies, and watching a beautiful slideshow I have put together for you.  (Don't worry, I have tissues).  Once we gush over the slideshow we will begin looking at each finished image from your session on the TV as well printed proofs. We will discuss display options for your walls (I can even show you what your wall art will look like on your walls), design albums and any other one of kind pieces you want to enjoy.  Remember, this is one of a kind art work featuring your beautiful family.   You will want to bring anyone who has input in this part of the process, even if your spouse doesn't want to.  The appointment takes less than an hour and is well worth the investment in time for your forever memories.


Approximately 2-4 weeks after your ordering appointment your final portraits will be ready for pickup or delivery.  Some chose to pick them up from the studio, and others prefer for me to deliver them to their home or place of employment.   Either way, we want to get you those amazing finished pieces as quickly as possible!  

So now what?

My hope is that you now understand the importance of the process and just how special this experience should be.  I am here to help you and want nothing more than to help you create beautiful and unique pieces you will enjoy forever.

The Investment: 

The session retainer for the Deluxe Experience is  $150 for families, $200 for newborns, and $300 for extended families.  All products and digital files are purchased separately from an al-a-carte menu that will be presented during the consultation.  The amount you choose to invest is completely up to you; you only buy what you love!  Most families choose to invest $1200 or more on their finished artwork.

Looking for something a little more simple?  The Petite Experience might be Great option.